Don't Sweat Through the Summer

Don't Sweat Through the Summer

Keep cool with a heat pump replacement in Southbury, CT

A heat pump works by pumping hot air out of your home to keep the interior cool and refreshing. It can also pump heat inside during the winter. If you need a heat pump replacement, get in touch with Jim's Heating & Air Conditioning. We'll get rid of your old heat pump and install a new one in its place.

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Replace your old heat pump with a more efficient one

Heat pumps are popular because of their energy-saving qualities. They heat and cool homes efficiently, which leads to lower HVAC bills for you. If your HVAC bills keep getting higher, you might need a heat pump replacement. A heating contractor from our company can help you.

With a split-system heat pump, you can keep your home comfortable all year long. You'll know it's time for a replacement when you notice:

  • Inconsistent temperatures around your house
  • Rising energy bills
  • Unusual sounds from your heat pump

Call now to speak to a heating contractor about replacing your heat pump in Southbury, CT.